Build genius skills today to make your path relevant for tomorrow.

Why use Geniopath?

Geniopath’s digital assessments, and downloadable resources, are used around the globe. Whether small business, Fortune 500, nonprofits or somewhere in between, organizations point to Geniopath to build smarter communication, development and collaboration skills making professionals future-ready.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Being future-ready means you have EQ. And emotional intelligence has its basis in self-awareness. Geniopath’s People Style Profile™ alerts you to your communication and collaboration tendencies in addition to introducing you to how others view things differently, including how they may see you.

Upskill to be Relevant

Today’s organizations agree that equipping workers with must-have skills are a requirement to being competitive. Based on academic research, the findings of leading management consulting firms and global think tanks, 15 skills and the behaviors that comprise their successful application form a personalized path to development via Geniopath’s SkillBuild  Roadmap™.

Transform Teamwork

Go from the “meh” of team building to the power a Community of Excellence can wield by leveraging Geniopath’s tools and resources. Use them to create a common language, benchmark future-ready skills, and motivate the sharing of “smart stuff” to transfer knowledge and forge valuable collaboration practices.   


Commitment. Motivation. Data.

Proven Analysis = Trusted Results

A variety of thinking is required in today’s workplaces if people are to experience any kind of innovation. Respecting, recognizing and rewarding these differences can create an environment where the best and brightest possibilities inspire the organization’s future. Members of our team include behavioral scientists who conduct rigorous study to compile assessments that are statistically reliable. Results have been reproduced again and again paving the way for our clients to trust the statistical analysis conducted and the results obtained.

People Style Profile

People Style Profile™

The People Style Profile™ is a quick and easy assessment for individuals to identify their communication and personality style as it compares to others. Report findings yield style strengths that can be leveraged more effectively as well as contain insights on how to address potential pitfalls.

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SkillBuild Roadmap™


The Geniopath SkillBuild Roadmap™ equips you to be Future Ready in three ways:

  1. Guide you to rate yourself against capabilities considered valuable today and as the organization moves into the future.
  2. Personalize the skill building experience by making it easy to identify and prioritize the right actions you elect to adopt, strengthen, or minimize.
  3. Provide a downloadable report and template to guide you through successful onboarding of new skills.

The online report is accompanied by the SkillBuild Roadmap™ Tracker – a simple to reference template where you can transfer your selected targets, identify specific opportunities, set schedule and monitor the impact of your newly adopted actions.

Workforce Engagement

The formula for effective connection is a result of how well your company is making the Business Case and Emotional Argument to your workforce. ZBglobal’s survey has been proven across thousands of raters and the companies they represent. Correlated with the Gallup 12 Engagement questions, this Engagement survey gives you concrete data for your organization to identify what, if any, course correction is needed.

  • Online
  • Anonymous
  • Easy to Access
  • Requires just Minutes to Take

Survey includes:

  • 4-Color Graphical Feedback Report with Interpretation Guidelines
  • 25 Rating Questions in 5 Distinct Categories
  • Open–ended Questions to Capture Individual Views
  • The “So What” of the Findings
  • One-on-One Discussion with Subject Matter Expert to Explore Findings and Potential Application

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