Jazz Pharmaceuticals

In today’s ever changing work world, the ability to share knowledge among team members is critical to moving the organization forward.  Via our Geniopath division, we crafted and delivered a program for one of the most influential departments in this fast-growing pharmaceutical company. More than building a team, shaping a community delivers the staying power to ignite motivation and performance.

Key facets were addressed-

  • Establishing purpose (clarifying and aligning objectives)
  • Coalescing the team (broadcasting roles and responsibilities)
  • Identifying best practices (socializing and standardizing)
  • Filtering information (transferring tacit knowledge)
  • Building data repositories (supporting access to tools and resources)
  • Promoting a future-ready workforce (via individual learning & development)

The 12-week program was tailored to meet the needs of the organization.

Geniopath’s Digital Tools, the People Style Profile™  and the  SkillBuild Roadmap™ provided smart frameworks for heightened collaboration and skill-building.

Our experts in Marcom and Online Learning and Development tools also helped to create unique department newsletters and guided training courseware for this organization.

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