Greenwich Biosciences

Working with this fast-growing life science company has been an honor on a number of fronts:

Translation of Complex Concepts into User-Friendly Graphical Communication

Conveying scientific findings, organizational approaches, and product descriptions via high-end graphical renderings reflecting corporate brand is no small undertaking. We worked across a spectrum of mediums to deliver Investor Relation Presentation decks, Business Development pitch presentations, workbooks, legal guides and more. Our work also includes the conceptualization of inter-department digital newsletters on a monthly basis.

Professional Team Development & Facilitation

We crafted and delivered a 12-week development program encompassing best practices for productivity, engagement, and collaboration (with an emphasis on working remotely). Two assessments – DISC™, and the People Style Profile™ were stitched into the program as the jumping off point for individual identification of strengths, gaps as well as providing a composite profile of the team at large. A Personal Action Plan for Development (based on project management principles) was designed and used with each team member culminating in a final presentation by each outlining their successful contributions and achievements during the program.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were approached to facilitate this company’s Global Retreat in which many joined from around the world in a 2-day strategic planning and team building event. By working closely with the program organizers to clarify the goals, recommend best practice approaches for remote interaction, and play an added role in presenting on the future of work via technology gools, we were able to facilitate the event for utmost engagement. We also conducted a series of media-based interviews which were used as event promotion prior to the retreat.

eLearning Modules

We also partner with this ground-breaking company by taking concepts and transforming them into robust eLearning modules for their team members around the world.