Digital is the New Black

by | Apr 13, 2017

We’ve prepared the top 10 tenets that today’s HR professionals need to know when navigating the digital world of work…

…from the prerequisite of being mobile to online engagement and pulse surveys, project management tools accessible by all, ways to digitally share tribal knowledge, webcasts from senior management, SEO, and even common terms to bolster your vocabulary on the topic. In no time at all, you’ll be the one in the room digitally dressed and ready for any occasion when it comes to crafting a better employee experience.

Forget the little black dress or the power suit. The color choice for today’s American worker is digital. When the average American checks their smart phone 46+ times a day, controls their home thermostat remotely, uses GPS to get to Grandma’s house, hunts 151 virtual Pokémon Go characters on street corners, and now asks Alexa to order plastic spoons from Amazon, there’s no doubt of having taken up residence in a digital world.

The same holds true for the workplace where daily vocabulary is punctuated by the verbs posting, emailing, linking, uploading, monitoring, accessing and sharing.

In plain terms, HR professionals must find and incorporate the right apps, systems and platforms their teams need to keep up with the demands and speed required in today’s working world.

According to Josh Bersin, in the Forbes post The New Digital World of Work: How HR Will Change in 2016, “This new digital life (and workplace) is forcing us to rethink HR from top to bottom: how we design programs, the tools we use, and how we roll out and communicate solutions.”

Without a doubt, there is a dramatic revolution taking place in hallways, meeting rooms and on the desktop. Technology gadgets, apps and systems are changing the face of communication, projects, collaboration, management, learning and engagement. In fact, the preference for all things digital is so encompassing that understanding the basics is a matter of survival and a necessity for growth.

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Victoria Tucker

Co-Founder / CEO, ZBglobal, Inc.

Victoria Tucker is the Chief Dreamer at ZBglobal, where she lends her 30+ years of experience on pivotal topics like workforce collaboration, engagement, mentoring and project management. She also plays ukulele…but not very well. Reach out to her!